About Us

Palmiye known as quality and innovation with its production of Shower Enclosures, Bathtub, Shower Tub, Hydromassage and Compact Systems since 1990. Palmiye shower systems are first and only rail system which designed in Turkey. We create different and convenient custom designs since we established. Palmiye products are the right choice for special and convenient seekers. Palmiye constantly creates new solutions for its customers to make a change in its sector. We are preferred choice for our customers. We have a sense of responsibility for all customers and dealers with our after sales service. The important thing is always being near the customers to respond their requests.

Core Values

* Improving product quality continuously.

* Identifying customer demands and expectations and working to ensure satisfaction increase.

* Answering the requests as soon as possible.

* Being the pioneer of innovation and change

* Making our best for customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

*Taking our customer satisfaction to boader audience with quality-centric approach.
* Creating products that can be used safely for long, with customer-focused understanding.
* Provide useful products without compromising on quality and less costly to maximize customer satisfaction .
* Provide stylish designs which are more suited for our customers with emerging technological opportunities .

Our Vision

Producing the highest quality solutions for our customer demands and achieving to be leading institution with continuous self-improvement.